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Our story – since 1965, a true partner to the industry.

Global horizons and local roots can stay together: Royale Group is the proof. One thing is bond to the other because the success of an international group was born, first of all, from the respect of the territory and its culture. If the bonds are strong, the steps to internalization follow each other in a well traced path, towards clear and concrete goals.

The typical attitude of working with enthusiasm, not being afraid of difficulties, embracing challenges as opportunities, extents itself throughout the world, where a network of passionate collaborators learns step-by-step to share values, goals and made-in-Japan patrimony.

People and Innovation


People & Innovation team is a young but solid team because it is based on deep roots: our company values. Why do we call ourselves like that? The reason for us is very clear and heartfelt: we like to consider our associates for what they are: People and not resources.

We really believe on it! Each person is unique and this uniqueness, enhanced by every member of our team, allow us to improve ourselves, creating an innovative place to work oriented to continuous improvement.

We deal with of all the aspects related to the people management with the primary goal of having a positive working environment, contributing to the development of an organizational culture aligned with our company values. Thanks to that, we have a strong guide (company values & company culture) that drive us in choosing our people in terms of alignment with these two milestones.

We are involved in a growing organization oriented towards the future and based on the values of the past: individual responsibility, transparent communication, a positive business environment opened to the outside and trying to be sustainable to the local community.

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