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In order to support our clients, Royalegroup lab technicians share their knowledge and experience providing on request the following analysis, complying to the most recent regulations:

Metallurgical trials

  • Chemical analysis on metallic materials (determination of elements and contents, impurities and titles)
  • Specific analysis for metallic powders (granulometric profile, morphology and apparent density)
  • Wear trials (mechanical stress) and corrosion on metallic materials
  • Microscopy (electronic and optical with analysis of the images)
  • Physical/mechanical (color coordinates, hardness and traction trials, thermogravimetric analysis; surface and roughness of the scanned objects determination)
  • Preparation of samples and services (resin inglobation, casting and rollings)

Trials on baths

  • Hull cells
  • Deposit trials
  • Cathodic efficiency measurement
  • Tarnish trial
  • Stress test

Chemical analysis for the galvanic sector

  • Determination of metals in the baths, including impurities and chemical-physical characteristics (ph, bath density)
  • Determination of the deposit nature (alloy % and deposit titulation)
  • Determination of deposit thickness
  • Morphology of plating deposit
  • Wear trials (mechanical stress) and corrosion of plating deposits
  • Deposit color coordinates

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